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WCC2 World Cup 2019 Mega Update | New Tournament | Jersey | Many More |

WCC2 World Cup 2.8.7 Update Is Live. We Get So Many New Features But We Can't Access Those Features.

WCC2 World Cup 2019 Update
WCC2 World Cup 2019 Update
World Cup 2019 is near so that's why every Cricket Android gaming company bring or update their game. This time Nextwave Multimedia brings World Cup update for us in the World Cricket Championship 2 game. But we all are thinking that why I have written in the headline title we can't access those features. Why we tell you later.

The update is rolling out for everyone. The updated version is 2.8.7 and the size of this update is 298MB which means it's a big update for us so we have to download 300MB to access 2.8.7 version. 2.7.8 version roll-out on 28th May 2019. Nextwave Multimedia mainly focus World Cup features in this update so we get many features related to World Cup 2019. Let's discuss what we get in this brand new World Cup Update.

WCC2 2.8.7 Update
WCC2 2.8.7 Update

World Cup Update Features

10 New World Cup International Team Jersey

New 2019 World Cup Format

New World Cup Standing

2 New VIP Stadium Which Is "Spotless And Marvel"

Update Roster For Team India, Australia, And England

Dugout Uniform Fixed

So, these are the main features we get in this World Cup update. Now let's discuss why we can't access any of these features because we have invested some money to play World Cup 2019 Tournament minimum we have to spend Rs75 Rupees to access the World Cup. Otherwise, we can't play the Tournaments not only this we can't play with New Jersey also. But we tell how we play with New Jersey.
WCC2 2.8.7 Features
WCC2 2.8.7 Features

Just go to Live Events we all know World Cup 2019 just started so we can play World Cup 2019 match in the Live Events section and it's totally free for all. So these are the only thing we can play free otherwise all features are paid. So, update the app and play Live Event with brand new Jersey.

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