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WCC2 2.8.6 Update With New Bugs | Full Features Information |

WCC2 Update Is Live With New Bugs. Full Features Information And Apk.

WCC2 New Update
WCC2 New Update
Every time World Cricket Championship 2 developer Nextwave Multimedia try to add features in the game. Sometimes the user like it but sometimes complain about it. So this time is also same many users of WCC2 not happy with this update because in this update there are many bugs we face in gameplay. Hope the developer fix that bugs in next update. But apart from this, we get many new fixes are done in this may update. So, let's discuss this.

This update is rollout for everyone on May 16th, 2019 and the version of this game is It's not that mega and big update so the update size is only 103MB In Google Play if you already install the game. Of course many fixed are done in this game but still, this update new bugs are soon.

WCC2 Features
WCC2 Features

Features In

1. Added Mountain Dew Arena Blitz Tournament (For Indian Resident Only)

2. Added Various Optimization For Low And Medium Graphics Setting

Some Fixes Are Done Like-

1. Rajasthan Rockers  Cheerleader Uniform To Match Their Team NPL (IPL) Jersey Fixed

2. Non-Progressive Tournament Issue Fixed

3. And Last But Not The List Some Minor Bugs Fixes.

WCC2 May Update
WCC2 May Update
So these fixes are done in this update. We notice that only Mountain Dew arena tournament features are added in this update. So if you are an Indian user then this is your chance to grab some gifts. Otherwise, it's a decent update we have not included the bugs.

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