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Cricket Lite 3D | 4.1.2 Brand New May Update | It's A Small Update But Good |

Cricket Lite 3D Brand New 4.1.2 May 2019 Update With Some New Contest.

Cricket Lite 3D New Update
Cricket Lite 3D New Update
After long wait Hungama Games update his Cricket Lite 3D: World Cricket Bash. Yes, World Cricket Bash Hungama Games change it's title also. If you don't know about this game then read this article Cricket Lite 3D Review. It's the best small size Android Cricket game with a size of only 30MB. Not only this the developer always try to add new features in this game.

We get features like Multiplayer, Tournaments, lots of Animation and many more. Of course, it's not a big update but if you use low-end device then these update is good for you. The update is rollout on 24th May 2019. The updated version is 4.2.1 and the size of this update is only 20MB. Which is very good for us. So, let's discuss the features.

Cricket Lite 3D Contest
Cricket Lite 3D Contest

Features In 4.1.2

New Contest

In this update, we all get a brand new contest. In which we all are can participate and win real cash. (NOTE- We have to log in with Facebook account so that we not lost any progress). You all are already seen in the image the contest will hold at a particular time and price will be divided in Daily, Weekly and Monthly bases. We can also choose your own team before participating in the contest but some players are paid we can get those players by spending game coins.

Cricket Lite 3D 4.1.2 Update
Cricket Lite 3D 4.1.2 Update
If you already play WCC2 Dev Arena contest then it is easy for you to a understand. Because this contest is very much similar to WCC2 Contest. So what are you waiting for? update the app right now and join in the contest and win some cash.

Overall it's a decent update for us. That's it let's see what will come in the upcoming update. We also need some good features in a future update. What you guys are thinking about the upcoming feature in this game. Let us know in the Comment box.

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