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WCC Rivals Brand New 0.4 Update Is Here | What We Get In This New Update And Apk |

WCC Rivals new 0.4 update. So many improvements done bt the Nextwave Multimedia are done in this update.

WCC Rivals 0.4 Update
WCC Rivals 0.4 Update
We all know very well that nowadays the Real-Time Multiplayer with Liquide flow Graphics game is WCC Rivals. WCC Rivals is one of the games that we play easily play with our friends with unique controls system with great features. We have already review WCC Rivals game if you are interested to read that Article then visit here-WCC Rivals Full Review With APK.

But in this article, we do not discuss the game. You already read the title of this article. Yes, we are right Nextwave Multimedia brings us to a brand new 0.4 update for us in WCC Rivals game. This update came for us on 5th April 2019. If you have not to get this update then wait a little bit more for getting this update and we also provide apk link at the end of this article so don't worry about it. The total update size of WCC Rivals 0.4 is 106MB. Enough talking let's jump into its 0.4 features.

Features In 0.4 Update

WCC Rivals 0.4 APK
WCC Rivals 0.4 APK
We all know Nextwave Multimedia always try to improve his game for our better experiences. So, in this 0.4 update, we get so many improvements in WCC Rivals. After this update, the game will be smoother than the previous version. The connection was resolve now means we get changes in Power Drive, Matchmaking and also in Leaderboard. We also get changes in matchmaking system after this update we can invite our friends for the match, compare to stats and the update on friends. We get new visual effects for Lofts and Power Drives. If you new in this game or the first time you download for experience then you can now log in with your Guest Account. Yes now in 0.4 updates no need to log in with our Google Account. And lastly, every game update has that is minor bug fixes.

So, these are some of the important features we get in this brand new 0.4 update in WCC Rivals. I know it's not that a great update but we get some features in this update like new visual effects. If you notice more features after this update then let us know in the comments box down below.

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