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WCC2 IPL Auction Is Live | 2019 Biggest Update | So Many New Features |

World Cricket Championship 2 IPL Update is live. One of the biggest updates is here. Update into 2.8.5 version.

WCC2 Biggest 2019 Update
WCC2 Biggest 2019 Update
After a long time finally Nextwave Multimedia brings the much-waited features in WCC2. That is IPL Action it means we can now play NPL (IPL) Auction in WCC2 game also. Not just IPL Auction update Nextwave Multimedia add more important features in this 2.8.5 update.

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This biggest update came on 22nd March 2019 but we all are received 23rd March. If you have not received the update till now then we have to wait a little bit more then you will definitely receive this biggest update. The update size is also bigger then others update. The size of this update is over 100MB. So make sure you have a good internet connection to update this game quickly.

WCC2 New IPL Auction Update
WCC2 New IPL Auction Update

Features In 2.8.5 Update


This features we all have to wait for a long long time. We heard news so many times about these features but finally, they bring these features 2019 IPL starting match. It means after this update we all now play IPL Auction in WCC2 game. But after opening you can't go directly in the auction. Means if you have sufficient amount of coins then we have to convert into IPL Auction Rupees for purchasing player. Then you can easily participate in the action.

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IPL Format With Home/Away Matches

We can also play home matches and away from home matches in IPL Tournaments. Which is also very much important features for us.

Individual Player Status For IPL Players

Now we can also see the status for IPL Matches also. But after the update, if you have already played an IPL Tournaments then your data will be reset for these features.
WCC2 Mega Update
WCC2 Mega Update

Minor Bug Fixes

So after the update the all the game have these features that Bug Fixes.

Change In Home Screen

And last but not the list we get brand new home screen after the update. A new IPL Auction option added in home screen and also they change the color of the home screen.


This is one of the biggest updates for us. We heard these features update for 1 year. But now we can play IPL Auction in WCC2 game. If you not download and update the game. Then what are you waiting for just click our given link to update?

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