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WCC Rivals And Epic Cricket New 0.3 And 2.58 Update | What's New In This Update |

WCC Rivals 0.3 and Epic Cricket 2.58 March 2019 update is here. What we get in this new update.

WCC Rivals And Epic Cricket March 2019 Update
WCC Rivals And Epic Cricket March 2019 Update
5th and 6th March 2019 is a good day of cricket android game because we get WCC Rivals and Epic Cricket both the games update is out. But what we get in these update. Previously WCC Rivals bring us to Challenge A Friends features and Epic Cricket brings IPL Leauge.

We have already discussed WCC Rivals full game and also Epic Cricket previous update. If you have not read that article then visit here-WCC Rivals and Epic Cricket. But in this update, we can't expect big features from the game because the game update is very small. Both the game update size is 40-60 MB.

WCC Rivals 0.3 Update Features

WCC Rivals 0.3 Update
WCC Rivals 0.3 Update
Nextwave Multimedia update his WCC Rivals 0.3 version on 6th March. If you don't know about WCC Rivals then it's a Multiplayer Cricket Android game. In the previous update when we play the game then we all notice that when match end than in the Match Earning screen the game is a freeze. We can't anything do about it. But after 0.3 updates the Nextwave Multimedia fixed the issue. And the last one is minor game bugs fixed. So there are no extra features in this update.

Epic Cricket 2.58 Update Features

Epic Cricket 2.58 Update
Epic Cricket 2.58 Update
In the previous update of Epic Cricket is a big update for us because on that update we get New Hindi Commentary, IPL League and more. But Nazara Games bring us to another update of the game. But we can't get features in this update because when you visit on Google Play for updating Epic Cricket then you see what's a new section that in this update we get only Major Bug Fixes.


So these are the features we all get WCC Rivals and Epic Cricket new update. If you play these game. Then update the game now. It's a small size update. After playing the game what changes you all notice. Mention in this blog comment.

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