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Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Biggest Update Is Here | Real-Time Multiplayer | IPL League |

Finally, Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Biggest Update Is Here. We Can Update Into 1.1.8. We Get So Many New Features In This Update.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Update
Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Update
After a long long time, we have to wait for this update. I think this is the biggest Sachin Saga Cricket Champions update ever. Because we get so many new features in this update. If you don't know anything about this game. Then I tell you in short that it's an Android cricket game developed by JetSynthesys Inc. Previously they bring first ever VR cricket game for. If you don't know about Sachin Saga VR game then visit here for more details-Sachin Saga VR Game | Multiplayer Cricket Game | How To Play Sachin Saga VR Game? |.

After this 1.1.8 update, the game is still under 100MB which is great for us. Because the game graphics were amazing. The update came on 11th March 2019. And till now the Sachin Saga Cricket Champions cross over 5,000,000 downloads on Google Play. Now let's know what we get in this latest update.

Features In 1.1.8 Update

Milestone Rewards

Basically, this game totally based on online rewards. But we can play it's also offline but we can get great rewards instead of online playing. So, I will recommend you play this game online every time. After this update, if you complete challenges matches then we get a chance to unlock massive rewards and new players cards at every milestone. You can also play with your own Dream XI against other global teams in live event modes and try to grab the top position of the leaderboard.
Sachin Saga Cricket Champions 1.1.8 Update
Sachin Saga Cricket Champions 1.1.8 Update

IPL Season (Cricket Premier League Playoff 2019)

We all know that IPL Season is beginning to start on 23rd of March 2019. That's why Jetsynthesys Inc. bring these features for us. We can play IPL Matches from 23rd to 13th May 2019. It's just like live event it means we can not set manual matches.

Rewards For Winning IPL Matches

If you play good and win every match in Cricket Premier League Playoffs 2019 then we get a chance to win Sachin Merchandise and this prizes in every match day.
Sachin Saga Cricket Champions 1.1.8 Features
Sachin Saga Cricket Champions 1.1.8 Features

PvP- Real-Time Multiplayer (Coming Soon)

And last but not the list that is PvP (Real-Time Multiplayer). This feature is also coming very soon. We can expect in the next update because the company claim on Google Play update features section. After these features, we can able to play with Real-Time Multiplayer matches.


That's the features we get in 1.1.8 update. But I know we all are waiting for PvP features. But This update is also a great update for us, especially of IPL League.

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