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Real Cricket 19 Upcoming Features | Expected Features In Real Cricket 18 |

Real Cricket 18 top expected features. 2019 Real Cricket 19 upcoming features.

Real Cricket 19 Features
Real Cricket 19 Features
We all waiting for the next update in Real Cricket 18. We have already discussed the reason why Real Cricket 19 is not coming. If you did not read that article till now then visit here to know that information. We also discuss the top 10 features that we expect in Real Cricket 19. Real Cricket 19 Is Not Coming. But in this article, we discuss some more 5 features of upcoming Real Cricket 19 cricket android game.

But all the features we have discussed of Real Cricket 19 is my opinion is not confirmed by Nautilus Company. So may be added these features in the future update.


Pitch Report

We all know before every match we get the pitch report. So maybe in the Real Cricket 19 get this Pitch Report feature get soon. After this feature, we can understand the weather and pitch condition of that particular match. So, we get the correct decision before the match start.

Real Cricket 18 Upcoming Features
Real Cricket 18 Upcoming Features

Bus And Plane Arrivals

This features we also expect in Real Cricket 19. If we get them before the series start we can see the teams are arriving from the plan and before the match they have arrived from the bus into the ground. So, these features are also a great feature for us because we have already know that this feature has come very soon the WCB T20 League.

Live Events

In World Cricket Championship 2 and World Cricket Battle we already get Live Events features but in Real Cricket 18 they not provide this feature till now. So, we can expect these features in a future update or Real Cricket 19. After these features, we can participate in every live real live cricket matches in the game just like other games.

Miss Fielding

This is the major issue in Real Cricket 18 because if you play the loft shots and it has gone in the air if any fielder in the position then we already know that the batsman was not without any doubt. If Nautilus Company adds Miss Fielding feature then the game will be getting more exciting.

Players Statistics

Player Statics is also good features for us. Recently World Cricket Championship 2 added these great features. They add the features in a unique way because it's not real life player Statistics instant of this they add your playing statics on the game. Means how many matches you will play in the game, How many runs you score and many more. This statistics is not for a single player this applied for every match of player your team and your opponent team also.
Real Cricket 19 Top 5 Features
Real Cricket 19 Top 5 Features
So these are the Top 5 features from me that we expect to come in Real Cricket 18 Update or Real Cricket 19. There are also many features may be coming in the game. So, hope Nautilus added these features in the game. So, the game will be more exciting.

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