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Cricket Lite 3D Real-Time Multiplayer Mega Update Is Here | What's New In Brand New Update |

Cricket Lite 3D: Real-Time Brand New Update Is Here. What We Get In This Brand New 4.0.9 Update.

Cricket Lite 3D Latest Update
Cricket Lite 3D Latest Update
Cricket Lite 3D is one of the smallest 3D cricket game for android. In our previous Article, we have already reviewed this game. If you have not read that article then visit here to read-Cricket Lite 3D. This game is developed by Hungama Games. This game size is only 19 MB. It can run in every device. This game has already crossed over 10,000 downloads in Google Play and the users give this game 4.4 overall rating which is great for any games.

Features In 4.0.9 Update

Test Match

After this update we get a brand new mode that is Test Match, It's not a new feature for us but we get these features in 19 MB game. Which is amazing for playing.
Cricket Lite 3D New Features
Cricket Lite 3D New Features

Invited To Play Multiplayer Mode

In other cricket games, we have to play what the server has decided to play with other players. But in this Cricket Lite 3D game, we can set or invited our friends for playing matches.

New Gratification And Animation

After this update, we can see many new animations during the match. But the most unique animation is dancing which is funny but amazing.

New Exhibition And More Features

We can play new Exhibition mode after the update. The exhibition is the manual match that we have created.
Multiplayer Cricket Game
Multiplayer Cricket Game
Overall this is a great update for a lite cricket game. If you did not play this game before then I will be recommended to you play this game at least one time. I hope you all like this game but one negative thing in this game is the graphics, of course, the game size is only 19 MB so we can't expect the graphics will be better than others. 

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