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Cricket Lite 3D Mega 4.1.0 Update Is Here | We Get So Many New Features |

Cricket Lite 3D 4.1.0 update is live. We get New Tournaments, New Modes, and many more features.

Cricket Lite 3D Update
Cricket Lite 3D Update
Cricket Lite 3D: Real-Time Multiplayer is the only game that surprises us in every update. Previously they added so many new features in the game. If you did not read that article then read it here. Cricket Lite 3D is a cricket-based game which is only 19mb size. Which is it's highlighting features not only this we get so many features in this game.

But recently the company update his Cricket Lite 3D into 4.1.0 version. They already added features like Real-Time Multiplayer, Many Gaming Modes, Animation etc. But in this 4.1.0 update, we all get so many new features and also the company mention in What's New Section on Google Play about his upcoming update features. We also discuss it later.
Cricket Lite 3D Update Features
Cricket Lite 3D Update Features

Features In 4.1.0

New Tournaments

We have already got many tournaments in this game already but after this 4.1.0 update. We all get more tournaments to play.

Offline Game Mode

After this update, we can play this Cricket Lite 3d some modes in offline also.

Miner Game Play Bug Fixes

So user complains about this game that they face bugs during the gameplay. But now after this update, some of the bugs were fixed.

Build Optimization

And last but not the lest so major game optimization also done in the game. Now we can play with more good graphics.

Upcoming Update Features

Contest Mode

New Animation

New Game Play Features

New Game Mode

Cricket Lite 3D Mega Update
Cricket Lite 3D Mega Update
So these are some upcoming features of Cricket Lite 3D: Real-Time Multiplayer Game. So what you guys are thinking about this feature and one more thing that after this update the game is still under 20MB. So stay tuned for upcoming updates.

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