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WWE Champions Top Playing Tips That We Can Upgrade And Get Superstar Easily |

Best and top Tips and Tricks for WWE Champions android game which helps you to upgrade and get Superstars easily.

WWE Champions Game Tips And Tricks
WWE Champions Game Tips And Tricks
First, let we give some information about WWE Champions game. It's a totally WWE Wrestling based game with unique concepts. Basically, it's a Role-Playing game for us but we can experience real Superstars fight with candy crush style. It's always Trending game on Android because of its concept and graphics. This game was already cross over 10+ million downloads on Google Play and get 4.3 amazing rating from users of the game.

This game is free to play but some items were purchasable. This game size is only under 100Mb but after download from Google Play, we should download more 75-80 Mb data to play it the full version. WWE Champions game developed by Scopely company they already developed a game like The Walking Dead, Temple Run: Treasure Hunters which is coming very soon for us and many more.
WWE Champions Men And Women Superstars
Men And Women Superstars
We can play different mode in this game with Puzzle system like Singles Match, Tag Team Match and also Mixed Match Challenge. When the game launched on Google Play then we can play only Men Superstars but now we can play with both Men and Women superstars. We can get also join Faction and play and help your Faction members. Monthly and Daily events are also we get in this game if you clear those then we get many TP and Coins to upgrade and level up your own superstars. We get many big superstars like The Rock, Undertaker, Ston Cold Steve Austin, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and also Dean Ambrose means we can make The Shield. Now only this we can get many superstars in Women Division also.

Tips And Tricks Of WWE Champions

Now let's discuss how to get Superstars easily and quickly upgrade your superstars. Make sure one thinks that we discuss all the tips in Legal way so if you thought we can get it without play and hard work then this article not for you. We discuss only the best gamers tips and tricks.

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Daily Logged In

Daily Login Rewards
Daily Login Rewards
Daily opening the game is the most important part of the game because if you miss one day then your daily rewards will break and you also miss daily events like Raw, Smackdown and many more. In this Raw and Smackdown, we get many TP and Coins. But one thing is there you can open daily three-four times in a day then we can Claim hourly rewards which we can get a chance TP and Health Packs.

Use Less Amount Of Heath Packs

WWE Champions Events
WWE Champions Events
If you use many Health Packs after every match then you should stop doing this because there are many matches we can participate and our daily health packs are limited if you use all the health packs and also your superstars injure then we can not participate in next matches. So, when you play matches then you must clear or defeat the opponents quickly. And we all know that one health packs restore 10,000 health. If your superstars injure more then 10,000 then you can use one health. If you do this we can play more numbers of matches.

Complete Daily Challenges

WWE Champions Challenges
WWE Champions Challenges
Complete daily challenges we can get chance to grab cash which we use to claim a new superstars or superstars shards. There are a total of six challenges in a day if you clear then you get 25 Cash in a day.

Complete With 3 Stars

WWE Champions Playing Tips
WWE Champions Playing Tips
Try to complete every match with 3 stars if you do this you can also unlock Hard Mode and in hard more to Hell Mode. Hell Mode much better chance to get big rewards but it's very difficult to get into the Hard. So, use your best Superstars to defects them.

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So, these are main tips and tricks for playing the WWE Champions Android Game. Not only this but when you play the game we learn more tips to play. If you know more about this then let us know.

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