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WCC2 2019 Upcoming Top 5 Features | Top 5 Upcoming WCC2 Features |

Top 5 upcoming features in World Cricket Championship 2 cricket game. WCC 2 top 5 features in 2019.

Top 5 Upcoming WCC2 Features
Top 5 Upcoming WCC2 Features
We always waiting for new updates in any games that we play. So, when you talk about World Cricket Championship 2 this cricket game makes a history of an update because the Nextwave Multimedia tries to bring new features in every update. So, in this article, we discuss Top 5 Upcoming Features Of World Cricket Championship 2 In 2019.

Top 5 Features Of WCC 2

1. Career Mode

We all know that this feature is the most much waited for features for us. Recently Nextwave Multimedia answer about these features to Google Play Review section. They said that "we always try to add new features in the game and we working hard on it". After reading this we expected that Career Mode features may be coming very soon in the Wcc2 Game.

2. IPL Action

IPL Action is also the features we looking forward in the game because IPL Action is already added the previous year in Real Cricket 18 game and IPL 2019 section is also be near so, Nextwave Multimedia should bring us to this features during the season.
WCC2 2019 5 Features
WCC2 2019 5 Features

3. Dressing Room

Our third features are Dressing Room in these features may be they add animation or full view of the Dressing room. Means when the player enters the ground for batting or leaving the ground after out then we can see dressing room animation.

4. Statistics Of Player

This Statistics Player features 90% chance to come because Nextwave Multimedia is already added these features in their another cricket game. So, we hope that Real Player Statistics features will be added very soon in WCC2 game.

5. New A. I (New Menu)

And our last one is AI development it's not a feature but when the company updates her game. They may be changed the Home screen of the game. So, we can experience a brand new Menu after the update. After this, you can notice the graphics are also be improved.
2019 Features Of WCC2
2019 Features Of WCC2
So, these are the 5 features the company added in the World Cricket Championship 2 game. But it's not a confirmed feature just we guess that these features maybe come in 2019. So, what you guys think about these features?

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