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WCC2 2.8.4 Update | What We Get In This Brand New Update? |

A Brand new WCC2 2.8.4 Update is here. What are the new features we get in this update?

Finally after a long time, Nextwave Multimedia update his wcc2 into 2.8.4 version. There are many features we get in this brand new update. In our previous article, we discuss the Top 5 Upcoming Features of WCC 2. So, let's discuss the features.

WCC2 2.8.4 Features

Individual Player Statistics

WCC2 Player Statistics
WCC2 Player Statistics
After this 2.8.4 update, we get a brand new Player Statistics for Test, ODI, T20 matches. We already predict this features in our previous article. It's work when the player before batting or bowling. Not only that we can see the extra animation at every end of the overs.

Expert Mode

If you win every game in the Wcc2 then this features for you after this update now can be played in expert mode. In this, we can't win matches easily.

Super Overs

Super Over features is only added in the game. When your matches will draw at the end of the match in 10 or 20 overs. Then you can play the super over match after that. This super over is only applicable in 10 or 20 overs matches not in ODI or Test.
WCC 2 2.8.4 Update
WCC 2 2.8.4 Update
Inside Edge
Inside Edge is already added in the game but the features were not working properly. So, after this 2.8.4 update, the company fixes the Inside Edge features now they make the balance in the game.

Minor Bug Fixes

And the last one is Bug Fixes that every game update we get these features.
WCC 2 2019 Update
WCC 2 2019 Update
So, these are the features we get in the latest WCC2 2.8.4 update. In my opinion, this update is not that great but it's good for us to experience new features like Statistics.

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