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WCC Lite Biggest Update Is Here | What's New In This 1.1 Version | Mega Update |

WCC Lite 1.1 mega update is here. This is one of the biggest updates in WCC Lite. What features we get in this 1.1 update.

WCC Lite 1.1 Update
WCC Lite 1.1 Update
Nextwave Multimedia is the only company I think they always try to add different features in their games. That's why they always on the top in the Cricket Gaming platform. Then they launched WCC Liter version we all are thinking that they can't add features in the futures update because it's size. If they add features on it then the game size will increase.

But that's not true they bring us to a brand new update in her WCC Lite. The updated version is 1.1 and it may also be called the Mega Update because they added so many features in this version. But not only this the game size is still 35MB. Nextwave Multimedia update this game on 27th Feb 2019 means tomorrow. Now let's discuss what we get in this 1.1 update.

WCC Lite 1.1 Update Features

WCC Lite Mega Update
WCC Lite Mega Update
DRS Review
DRS Review is one of the most important features in cricket games. We have already got these features on WCC2. But now after this update, we also get DRS Review system on WCC Lite. If you think that Umpires decision is wrong then use the DRS in WCC Lite.

Ultra Edge

Ultra Edge is also important features for us. In this 1.1 update, only ultra edge features we get but we can't get the HotSpot features. I think if they add HotSpot features then the game size will increase that's why Nextwave Multimedia only add Ultra Edge.

30 Days Login Rewards

This is the most unique features in this update. If you play WCC Lite daily then these features will help you the most because when you play daily then you get amazing Rewards in the monthly rewards system. If you miss one day during the month then your rewards will cancel.
WCC Lite 1.1 APK
WCC Lite 1.1 APK
Batting Timing Meter
If you are good in playing shots or miss every shot then you can now analyze your own shots and improve for next ball because batting timing meter is also add in this 1.1 update.

Rewards Coins In Multiplayer Mode

After this update, we get a chance to win coins in the Multiplayer Mode also. If you defect in a match on Multiplayer Mode then you get coins after the match complete.

Minor Bugs Fix

And our last features is Minor Bugs Fix this features we get always in every update.
WCC Lite Latest Update
WCC Lite Latest Update
So, these are features we get in WCC Lite 1.1 version. I think this the best game to play on our low-end devices because we get so many features in this game. What're your favorite features in this update let us know.

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