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PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Update | You Need To Know What's New In This Zombies Mode Update |

Finally PUBG Mobile Update into 0.11.0 version. What are the features we get in this Zombies Mode update?. You should know this.

PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode
PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode
After a long time finally, we got the most waited update in PUBG Mobile. Tencent Games has already added Zombies Mode on the Chinese beta version. But 0.11.0 the update is now live for every user. In this 0.11.0 update, there are so many features we looking for besides Zombies Mode. There are 4 features we have to discuss in the game and 2 improvements in this game what are they? that's why we are here so, let's discuss.

Firstly you have to need this update. When you visit on the Google Play for downloaded or update. You have bound to download full size of the game means in Google Play you see the file size is 400MB but that's not right at all. For play this new update you have to download 1.7GB. So, make sure before you update the game.
PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Update
PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Update

Features In 0.11.0 Update

1. Zombies Mode-

This is the most important and much waited for features in the game. Now you can participate in the limited time event. Where you can fight Zombies from Resident Evil 2.

2. New Weather-

We know very well that PUBG Mobile is the only game that provides us to best weather condition battleground game. Previously they provide many weather condition to play the game but after this 0.11.0 update, we get a brand new weather condition that is Moonlight. This Moonlight is only for Vikendi Map.

3. More Spaces-

After this update, we also get more spaces for the player.

4. New Menu-

Before we get Mission Impossible menu for the event. But now Tencent Games added a brand new Menu for us that is Resident Evil 2. Not only Menu we can hear the music also of Resident Evil 2.

5. Arcade Mode For Sanhok-

Now we can play Arcade Mode in Sanhok Map also.
PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode Features
PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode Features

Improvements In 0.11.0 Update

1. Past Result Records Kept 1 Month Only

2. Fixed Terrian Display Bugs For Budget Devices.

So, these are the features and improvements are done by the Tencent Games. What are you guys notice in this update and have you already update this version? If you have interested in watching Gameplay of PUBG Mobiles Zombies Mode in Hindi then visit here-YouTube.We upload a video about this on YouTube on 21/02/2019. 

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