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Pokemon Go Add More Pokemon From Sinnoh Region

Pokemon Go added more and new Pokemon for us. The Niantic add more evolution from Sinnoh Region.
Pokemon Go Sinnoh Region
Pokemon Go Sinnoh Region 
Pokemon Go has been updated to add a couple of new Pokémon from the Sinnoh region, which showed up in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. These essentially join evolution, requiring a special items to access this.

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The Pokémon referred to in the update included Lickilicky and Tangrowth, which evolved from Lickitung and Tangela respectively. Players must have Sinnoh Stones in order to evolve these Kanto-region Pokémon into their Sinnoh counterparts, and those aren't definitely hard to get. Additional evolution, as suggested at by attacked art heralding the update, are Ambipom, Gallade, and Yanmega - which start from Aipom, Kirlia, and Yanma.
New Pokemon In Pokemon Go
New Pokemon In Pokemon Go
There are also Pokémon that won't require the rare Sinnoh Stones to get, regardless. Cranidos and Shieldon, among others, can be found in the wild beginning the present version update. Niantic also hints that the inclusion of new Pokémon from the locale in Pokémon Eggs.

Regardless, for contenders, not just specialists, Raid Battles are seeing a change too.

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"You may see that Pokémon that appear in Raid Battles are even more powerful and strong when you challenged them. Additionally, a couple of moves that certain Pokémon know may be stronger or weaker when used in battle."
New Evolution Pokemon
New Evolution Pokemon

Have you all are noticing already in Pokemon Go because of it already in that game. Hope you all capture an evolved the rare Pokemon.


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