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Cricket League: GCL | Latest Update Is Here | New Features Is Available Now |

The brand new update is here on Cricket Leauge: GCL. You can get many new features in this 2.6.2 update.
Cricket League GCL 2.6.2 Update
After launched on 21 December 2017, Cricket League: GCL cricket game getting attention from the players in 2019 because of the GODSPEED GAMING SOLUTION the developer of this game. They started updating the game and add new features.

The developer just drops the update on Google Play the latest version of the Cricket League: GCL is 2.6.2. They drop the update on 28th Jan 2019. You can get 3-4 new features in this update. So, discuss it.
Cricket League GCL Features
Cricket League GCL Features
Feature In 2.6.2 Update

New Shots

After this 2.6.2 update, we get brand new cricketing shots to play and this is the only features I loved the most in this update. Because of other three features, it's not that great.

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Improve DRS
Cricket League GCL Latest Update
Cricket League GCL Latest Update
DRS system also improves after this update. In the previous version of this game, player complaining about the DRS is not working so, after this 2.6.2 update, the developer fixed that issue.

Improve AI

AI is also improved in this game. The AI is the most important features in any cricket games for the fell full experience of the game. So, we also get improve AI in this game.

Bug Fixes

And the last one is bug fixes that every game has this one.

So, these are the features or bug fixes bring us to the Cricket League: GCL game. If you don't know anything about this game. Then I will be recommended to you read the full review of GCL cricket game by visit here Cricket League: GCL Download Now Full Review.

To Download And Update GCL Cricket Game - Google Play

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