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WCC2 2 2019 First Update Which Features We Get In This Update

World Cricket Championship 2 2019 first update. What are the new features added in this update?
Wcc2 Update
Wcc2 Update
We all are just entre in the 2019 year. In 2019 first day Nextwave Multimedia update his WCC2. We all are fell it like a New Year Gift. But the main thing is what are new features are we all get in this update. So we discuss in this article that what are the new features added in this 2019 first update.

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We all know that WCC2 is the best liquid flow graphics Cricket game for android. So we all are love this game very much and our expectation for this game is very big in every update. In 2018 the last update will be the biggest update for all of us. In that update, we received many new features.
Wcc2 Update
Wcc2 Update
Features like many New cutscenes, New bowling, and batting action, Drinks break and many more features added in that last update.

But in this update, we did not expect big features, means in this new update the Nextwave Multimedia only make a little change in their last update. So let's discuss.

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What's New In Update

There are only two features or changes in this update-

Complete National Anthem

If you play the previous version of this game then you all definitely notice that in National Anthem cutscene the National Anthem is not working or not seen the full song every time. So after this update, we all see the full National Anthem for every team. And any time the National Anthem played for the wrong team so it's also fixed in this update.
Wcc2 Update
Wcc2 Update
Minor Bug Fixes

This is the main feature we love the "joking". Last features added in this update is Minor Bug Fixes means after the update this game we all are faced less amount of bugs. So, what are you waiting for, update this game and play it right now.

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