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Real Cricket 18 2.0 Update is Here This Update Is Not For Everyone

Real Cricket 18 2019 first update is live why this 2.0 update is not for everyone?
Real Cricket 18 2.0 Update
Real Cricket 18 2.0 Update
After a long time, Nautilus company finally update his Real Cricket 18 into 2.0 update. In our previous article, we discuss that what will be features come in Real cricket 18 2019 first update. In this update, we get many features, but some of these features are already available in for IOS user.

I am honest with you I am expecting more from this update because the company took 2 months for this 2019 first update. But this update is also great and it called mega update of 2019. So, read this article to know full features that you get in this update.

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And the most important is this update is not live for every user. The company distributed this update for every user later some days. You already know that in every update of Real Cricket 18 is not given for every user. So keep eyes on Google Play to update Real Cricket 18 into 2.0 version.
Real Cricket 18 2.0 Update Features
Real Cricket 18 2.0 Update Features
Features In 2.0 Update

1. Fireworks

First features added in this update is Fireworks it is amazing features because we see the real live matches in our T.V or in Stadium. When the team wins a World Cup or any big Tournaments then the team collect the cup and everywhere fireworks is going on in a similar way now you see the fireworks when any team wins the tournaments.

2. New Cutscene Camera

Already in Real Cricket 18, many cutscenes are available to see. But in this update also we can see more cutscenes in different Camera angles.

3. Camera Broken Effects In Cutscene

This feature is only for high-end devices. You can not experience in low-end devices.

4. Countdown Before Match

Countdown feature is already available for IOS user. Now will also experience in android. When the matches start to begin then this feature is applied. The countdown began from 10 to 1.

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5. National Anthem Added In Test Matches

Before this update, National Anthem features is only seen in limited overs matches. But after this update, we see in test matches also.

6. User Controlled Rain Probability

This is the most unexpected features in this update. Now we can control every matches weather condition when and which time will rain come and spoil the match.

7. Update Squad

After update in 2.0 then your team squad will also be up to date. Now you can play with the latest team selection.
Real Cricket 18 2019 First Update
Real Cricket 18 2019 First Update
So, these are the most important features added in Real Cricket 18 2.0 update. So, you have to wait for this update which user does not get the update. Apart from this, the Nautilus added to more features that is Minor Bug fixes and Improve stability. Which is common for every update so that's why we do not discuss this.

For Update Into 2.0 Then Click Here- Google Play

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