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PUBG Mobile 2019 Update Features Like Zombies Mode, Rickshaw And Improvements

PUBG Mobile bring new features in 2019 update like Zombies Mode, Rickshaw and many more features are coming. And lot's of improvement we expected in 2019 update.
PUBG Mobile 2019 Update Features
PUBG Mobile 2019 Update Features
PUBG Mobile has continuously updated and brings us to new features and maps that's make the more interesting and make the best battle royal game for us. PUBG has finished a lot for the gamers worldwide and has gotten some portion of honors for its map structure, weapons and new vehicles. Moreover, there is still some chance to improve in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds world. PUBG Mobile still lack on a bit in some critical zones of the game and lets believe that in 2019, the game will over the long haul check out fans' voices.

Following are a couple of improvements that the PUBG players can expect in 2019.

60 frame per sec: PUBG's gameplay communication is topped at 30 FPS (frame per each sound). It is so far prepared for hitting 60 FPS on high-end Apple and Samsung devices contraptions through some tweaking, at any rate, a 60 FPS control knob would be the best thing for the gamers. Gaming at 60 FPS is remarkable for competitive multiplayer games as it can upgrade reaction time. It would in like manner consider smoother and responsive gameplay. Regardless, 30FPS grants PUBG to low and mid-run devices yet it won't hurt to have a probability for people who have the hardware to run it.

Mobile streaming tolls: The build in streaming and sharing options at present in PUBG are to a basic do nothing it's simply sharing screenshots. However, a build in streaming and sharing options would benefit PUBG Mobile a lot and would allow more gamers to share their gameplay movements.
PUBG Mobile 2019 Update Features
PUBG Mobile 2019 Update Features
Bundled maps: PUBG has grabbed a huge amount of popularity since it might be played on budget devices that don't have a huge amount of storage space. But, with a game size of 1.6GB on Android, the game eats up a lot of storage space. Moreover, there are also maps like Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi that need to be downloaded if you want to play those maps. The way that they're not bundled with the base game is a bothering.

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PUBG Mobile currencies: PUBG Mobile empowers its players to earn currencies while playing the game. It has Battle Points (BP), Unknown Cash (UC), Silver Fragments and Coupon Scraps. It gets confusing because nobody knows clearly as for what currencies buy what gear. In 2019, we believe that this slight bother gets managed.
PUBG Mobile 2019 Update Features
PUBG Mobile 2019 Update Features
Rewarding positive behavior: PUBG is a multiplayer game that gets better with people who are dedicated. It is about successful correspondence and extraordinary sportsmanship. Rewarding a player for such positive behavior lead would go far in keeping the PUBG social community clean.

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Let's discuss it's upcoming 2019 features

The next PUBG Mobile update for Android and iOS may see Zombies Mode added to the famous battle royale game as a part of its Resident Evil partnership. What's more is, you can also expect death cam feature to show you how you died the in PUBG Mobile. Besides, another weapon called the MK 47 Mutant, a laser side gun attachment, and a rickshaw (or Tushai as it's called in PUBG Mobile) will class the game too. Dynamic atmosphere may also be included for maps like Erangel and Miramar, thinking about rain to change PUBG Mobile's moment to gameplay. Also, Tencent teased the entry of a voice decision known as Classic Voices that will be present in the PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update.
PUBG Mobile 2019 Update Features
PUBG Mobile 2019 Update Features
But Classic Voices, these other possible additions to PUBG Mobile have been revealed by PUBG Mobile Youtubers Game Lovers. Game Lovers speculates that we could see the 0.10.5 update release between January 18 to January 20.

PUBG Mobile January Update

Tukshai For Sanhok Map

New Snow Zone In Erangel Map

New Dynamic Atmosphere In Miramar and Erangel Map

New Death Cam Feature To Show To You A Replay Of How You Killed

Zombies Mode

MK 47 Mutant Rifle

Laser Sight For Weapons

Snow Bike For Vikendi

New Move For Emotes

Classic Voices

PUBG Vikendi Snow Map Removed From Beta

These are the PUBG Mobile upcoming features are coming in 2019 update. What you are guys thinking about the next update of PUBG Mobile.

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