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Marvel Strike Force Guide | Best Tips For Playing Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force is one of my favorite marvel game. Hope you also played this game, So that's why we give some important tips of Marvel Strike Force. After reading this Marvel Strike Force Guide Article I am sure that you can gain some important knowledge about this Marvel Strike Force Game.
Marvel Strike Force Guide
Marvel Strike Force Guide
Basic Guide

When you start the game, play the campaign maps first. You will require a huge amount of gear. Utilize all the free refills at every 12 hours for more fight in maps.

Also, level up your characters as you can complete the campaign maps. If you can't clear the current map, don't keep playing and waste Energy. Play other various campaigns, develop the required gear of a character to improve your ability and then try the unclear map.

In the campaign modes, as long as you beat all opponent characters and have the entire team alive, you will get 3 stars. That will open auto win mode.

The key is to focus on 5 characters first where you can use it to run campaign maps and events. Starting there ahead, you focus another 5 for the Villain mode as you will require things from the campaign maps to also update your characters.

So there is a couple of restriction with the certain campaign mode.
Marvel Strike Force Guide
Marvel Strike Force Guide
Heroes Assemble- Only good characters can take a fight. You will have a full team here with Spiderman, Daredevil, Punisher, Luke Cage and Wolverine. This is all that could be expected to get to the last periods of the fight in case you base on updating them.

Villains United- Only the baddies can be in this. Since it is all the harder to assemble heroes characters, you can only start off with Elektra and a while later Crossbones if you develop the event. I recommended to you getting Nebula, Yondu and Gamora as the start character for the villain's campaign.

Nexus-  This campaign grants both the good and bad characters. This will be easy since there is no requirement.

Comic Conflicts- Only comic characters are allowed here. You will need to be level 45 to open it. I suggest Nebula, Yondu and Gamora as starter characters for this campaign.

Mystic Forces (not released yet)- Only mystic characters are allowed here. I suggest Elektra, Hand Sorceress and Yondu or Iron Fist as the starter gathering!
Marvel Strike Force Guide
Marvel Strike Force Guide

It is best to spend power cores on refills for clearing maps. The main refill costs 50 power cores and I would do it if you require an express thing. The primary concern you should spend fixates on, is energy two times each day for 50 focuses each and that is it.

Also, don't spend any power cores on orbs, they give you the most wast and terrible return of investment per dollar spent on power focuses (don't use your free power focuses on it either).

Daily Objective

This would be the first requirement for fast leveling. Completing it will give you a charming bit of player experience to quickly level up and increase the level cap of your characters. Directly you can open Wolverine by completing it 7 times.
Marvel Strike Force Guide
Marvel Strike Force Guide
Open 2 Orbs- 10 campaign energy refill, 100 XP, 25k gold

2 arena battles- 250 arena credits, 25k gold

Play 3 villain united mission- 100 xp, 100 blitz charge

Spend campaign energy for unlimited read keys- Ultimusimus key

Play 3 heroes assemble missions- 75 XP, 5k gold, energy refill

Train 1 character- 50 XP, 5k gold, 2 l2 getting ready module

Finish 10 campaign missions- 10 control focuses, 75 XP, 15k gold

Equip 1 gear- 50 XP, 3k gold

Auto win 3 missions- 60 XP

Complete 2 challenges- 100 XP, 10 control focuses, 10k gold

Complete 2 battles in blitz- 125 XP, 5 control focuses, 250 torrent credits

Make 3 supply purchases- 1 l2 training module, 50 XP, 12k gold

Clear all objectives- 25 control focuses, 100 XP

Campaign energy- 80 essentialness at standard interims


Challenges are events you can do to develop for various materials or items to advance in the game. You simply get 3 tires for every day on these challenges. A couple of levels will require certain requirements to open.
Marvel Strike Force Guide
Marvel Strike Force Guide
Gold Rush- Opens Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Secure gold! Very immediate event.

Medical Supply Chain- Opens Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Get blitz charges and raid health packs.

Training Day- Opens every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Winning training modules which are used to level up your characters.

Ability Enhancements- Opens every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Win limit materials to refresh your character's abilities.

Org Fragments- Opens every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Get red and blue orbs which can be exchanged for characters shards and materials.

The Catalyst of Change- Opens every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Get improve materials to improve the gear of your character.

These are some important guide for Marvel Strike Force. Apart from this, you can do many more things in the game like Increase Characters Combat Power, PVP Battle.

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