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Gen 4 Regional Pokemon Go Update And It's Sales

Pokemon Go will back with new Gen 4 Regional Pokemon.

2019 may be here, anyway Pokemon Go build Niantic isn't starting the year quietly. The big developer has recently quit a lot of news to share to us just one week into the new year, showing again that the studio is genuinely lively in its efforts with one of the best and biggest game of the world that is Pokemon Go.
Pokemon Go 2019 Update
Pokemon Go 2019 Update

From development plans changing to even more big sales news come to form the studio, after here the all news and update in this article all the rumors share with you.

First up, it's been revealed for the present week that Niantic gathered in massive $795 million in revenue all throughout the 2018 year.

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According to the report, Pokemon Go still ranked in the cash.

That will be the best for who is that said "Pokemon Go is dead" - 2018 year is best gaming year for us, in Pokemon Go developer was the rollout of Generation 4 in the year of 2018, rewards focus on Community Days and the launch of the long-awaited PvP mode.

On the off chance that you're interested, $262 million of the last year revenue came from the United States player base, while a further $239 million started from Japan - the two regions speaking to the greater part of the game revenue.

The next big piece of Pokemon news today is that we may see the Gen 3 regional latest change around soon.

In the latest email, Niantic revealed that we may see some Gen 3 Pokemon appear in new region area soon.
Pokemon Go New Regional Pokemon
Pokemon Go New Regional Pokemon
"We've heard reports of a development structure that could impact the nearness of Pokemon at first found in the Hoenn region," the email notes.

"Possibly we'll know even later this month...."

Up until this point, Solrock and Lunatone, Illumise and Volbeat, and Seviper and Zangoose have been locked to pacific zones - one Pokemon from each set can be found in North America, South America, and Africa, however, the other three can be found just in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Relicanth, Torkoal, and Tropius may be also moved - at this moment, they should be found in the Pacific Islands, India/Western Asia, and Africa/the Middle East respectively.

We saw Niantic move regional exclusively around already, so we'll acknowledge the studio will yet again.

Finally, would we have the capacity to expect another event in Pokemon Go around the start of February?

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Maybe. You may have seen that the games have added another Loading Screen beginning at New Year's Eve.
Pokemon Go 2019 Loading Screen
Pokemon Go 2019 Loading Screen
The image happily shows '2019' along by a few players, Professor Willow and the Lucario and Electivire that were in the past Loading Screen. Regardless, there's furthermore the fuse of a Grumpig, Swinub, and Spoink - an altogether odd assurance of Pokemon.

Or on the other hand is it? Every one of the three Pokemon rely upon pigs, and as of Tuesday, 5 February we'll be entering the Chinese Year of the Pig.

We trust so - it'd be wonderful to get Swinub's last evolution, Mamoswine, in the game at long last - he's one of our most readable Gen 4 Pokemon.

These are now only rumors. Hope, so Niantic brings big surprises for us in the month of February. Till then you have to wait.

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