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Pokemon GO 0.131.1 Big Update New Icons And Sound Coming

Pokemon Go is the only game that gives the player to interest in the game every month. So in this article, we discuss some important features in 0.131.1 update. Let's check the list-

New Loading Screen

Another loading screen has shown up at last! The new loading screen features Electivire engaging Lucario in a rigid Trainer Battle. Here's a rough version expelled from the APK:

Pokemon Go Loading Screen
Pokemon Go Loading Screen

New Icons And New Texture

Two basic icons were added, called Battle catch and Protect Shield icon. Battle get is most likely what we should snap to attract into PvP, while Protect shield is totally obvious.

Pokemon Go New Icons
Pokemon Go New Icons

Besides, Team Leader battle assets have in like manner appeared! Begin, Candela and Blanche now have new profile images and themed establishments.

New Music, Sounds And Move Sounds

Tutor Battles are bringing additional sounds and surrounding tunes tracks, as anyone might expect. Regardless, we didn't like to find sound signs for a cluster of unreleased new moves!

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

The sound signs included sound unequivocally like the sound signals for the essential course of action buff and debuff sound prompts, for instance, when your Squirtle uses Tail Whip and the foe loses Defense. Here are the Pokemon GO frames:

  • buff_attack
  • buff_defense
  • debuff_attack
  • debuff_defense

Clearly, in any case, you can make that confirmation for yourself here (for a relationship some old school GBA Emerald Version tears are consolidated, the graciousness of

  • Emerald Buff
  • Emerald Debuff

As referenced over, these new moves have proper sound impacts now:

  • Skull Bash
  • Destructive Spray
  • Impetus Punch
  • Earth Power
  • Crabhammer
  • Pummel Claw
  • Octazooka
  • Mirror Shot
  • Fell Stinger
  • Leaf Tornado
  • Bloodsucker Life
  • Exhaust Punch
  • Super Power

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