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New PUBG 'Vikendi' Snow Map Release Date And Features Revealed

The exceedingly predicted new snow map PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), called 'Vikendi,' is set to go online on December 20 and will consolidate features befitting its highlighted covered air.

PUBG Vikendi
PUBG Vikendi
While the guide has been open on the redirection's Public Test Servers for a long time starting at now, a break revealed that it will be totally released sooner than what most thought at first.

When it has been released, the Vikendi guide would be available for matchmaking following 24 hours.

Vikendi is a 6×6 km map has a covered air, this impacts progressing communication by having players desert impressions and vehicle tracks on the snow as they travel. While these impressions and tracks won't stay around never-ending, they will make it much more straightforward for players to know whether enemies passed by a zone starting late.

PUBG Vikendi
PUBG Vikendi
Also, vehicles will be progressively difficult to move in cold and chilly locales. Players will locate that expanding speed on the bone-chilling scene will be moderate and that they will lose control of a vehicle as they quicken.

To counter this, a snowmobile will be available for players to use. It simply has two seats anyway it performs much better than various vehicles on bone-chilling and cold surfaces.

Players can similarly get in snowball fights while holding up before all else district to stack onto the plane. When they skip off the plane regardless, another Parachuting system will allow players to drift or dive in the midst of a freefall, with upgraded liveliness where they cut the chute before hitting the ground.

PUBG Vikendi
PUBG Vikendi
The point of convergence of the red zone in Vikendi will in like manner deliver outside of the play zone. Additionally, the humbler the play zone is, by then the tinier the red zone will be. The fundamental float of every preoccupation will in like manner be humbler than that of various maps and the modifications in size for following circles will be less outrageous as well.

Vikendi also won't be prohibitive to any stage and will be made open for adjustments of PUBG on PC, Mobile, PS4, and the Xbox One. This moreover infers players can now the choice to investigate four maps; Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok, and clearly Vikendi.

The specialist Vikendi Survivor Pass will be available starting December 19 and will prop up for 10 weeks.

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