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FIFA 19 Is Not That Great Game For Us, Public Review

If you love FIFA games then you are not satisfied with the FIFA 19 Game. FIFA 19 is not that great for us, public review.
FIFA 19 Ratings
FIFA 19 Ratings
It has transformed into an ordinary staple in the lives of various football fans as the years advanced. Right when late September/early October moves around, the world prepares for the next FIFA for their PC.

In any case, this year has seen some of the fiercest analysis anytime seen inside the FIFA social order.

Many users said that FIFA 19 is not that great game that they expected. Some user is very disappointed with this game they said: "He plays FIFA games for 10 years but FIFA 19 is a crap".
FIFA 19 Review
FIFA 19 Review
Disregarding the movements that EA Sports have made to the game, for instance, including facilitated finishing and a collection of 'house guidelines' to the beginning feature, fans are obviously not happy with the latest update.

Some of the features are available in FIFA game. Some features described by the user. It's one feature they describe below.

The user said that "Terrible FIFA 18 is an average game but in 2019 the Career Mode/Pro Clubs remain unchanged. Many bugs and not that great gameplay.

In other cases, an extensive segment of the investigation is ideally entertaining rather over damning of the thing EA has made.

Another customer has titled his rankling one-star review as: "DON'T BUY EVEN IF FREE"
FIFA 19 Public Review
FIFA 19 Public Review
If it is free, isn't the delight being capable to you as opposed to getting it?

Despite the semantics, the criticism comes as a shock as the game launch with perfect overviews back in September.

'IGN' gave the game an 8.2/10 saying,

"FIFA 19 is a positive upgrade for a year back's effort, despite few out of every odd single new development exceptionally hitting them the mark."

A particular distinction to the one star reviews on the Microsoft Store. Perhaps EA's fans on other console platform are kinder on the most current installment.

These are the thinks the user not like the FIFA 19. What you are all thinking let us know in the comment box.

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