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Get Ready For 2019 First EX-Raid Pass In Pokemon Go

We are just to enter in 2019. So, Pokemon Go gives us to 2019 first gift in the game they send EX-RAID passes to many players. So, get ready for 2019 first EX-Raid pass in Pokemon Go.

With Attack Form Deoxys now live on Pokemon GO, various players are certain to lock in for the EX Raid Passes required to battle the new Mythical Pokemon. For a couple of trainers, this work appears to have fulfilled, as Niantic has just issued goes for 2019's first EX Raids.
Pokemon Go Ex-Raid Pass
Pokemon Go Ex-Raid Pass
As shown by reports on The Sliph Road Subreddit, players began to get another round of EX Raid Passes yesterday, and these invites give them access to EX Raids reserved for January fourth and fifth, 2019. Obviously, these EX Raids will feature Attack Form Deoxy, Pokemon GO's second EX Raid Boss.

While a couple of players have to get EX Raid Passes down to a science, others should seriously mull over how to get the opportunity to join these invited-only Raids and catch the new Pokemon. Fortunately, the system has uncovered the best ways to deal with improve a player's chances at getting an EX Raid Pass.

To start, players should locate their adjacent EX Raid-qualified Gyms. Niantic has made this a straightforward task, as these Gyms are defined on-screen as "EX RAID GYMS" when a player is visiting one.
2019 First Ex-Raid Pass
2019 First Ex-Raid Pass
Whenever recognized, players should work to get Gold Gym Badges at these regions. This can be done by completing activities at these Gyms, including doing battling, defending, and giving a protecting Pokemon a treat.

In addition, players need to coordinate with various trainers to make certain that various players are completing Raids at these EX Raid-qualified Gyms. Reports suggest that if something like 20 surprising players participate Raids at these zones within 7 days periods, all individuals are going to get an EX Raid Pass for that Gym.

To note, fulfilling this criteria does not guarantee an EX Raid Pass, and one reason a qualified player may not get a welcome is a direct result of something that the system calls "clock blocking." Specifically, "clock blocking" insinuates a wonder where EX Raid Passes are issued while a Raid is starting at now unique at an EX Raid-qualified Gym. This cause active Gym to be passed over, which means the players that would get an EX Raid Pass for that region won't.
Get Ready For Ex-Raid Passes
Get Ready For Ex-Raid Passes
For those that will share in next week from now's EX Raids, they should make certain to come prepared with the fitting counters for the Psychic-type Attack Form Deoxys. Until the moment that the select Raid occurs, Pokemon GO has a gathering of event commitments to keep the player occupied.

News Source- Eurogamer

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