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Finally World Cricket Championship 2 2.8 Update Is Here

After long time WCC2 (World Cricket Championship) finally update his game. This update version is 2.8. If you have not update the game or not downloaded the new 2.8 version then click here to download for android-Google Play. Many of the player requesting new features because the 2018 update not good, So the Nextwavemultimedia added so many new features in this September update.

World Cricket Championship 2 2.8 Update
World Cricket Championship 2 2.8 Update
Here Is The New Features That Added In This 2.8 Update

Rain Interruption- In cricket gaming history first rain interruption features added by WCB (World Cricket Battle). But many player requesting to Nextwavemultimedia that they should added the rain interrruption features. So company finally added this features in 2.8 update.

World Cricket Chapionship 2 2.8 Update
World Cricket Chapionship 2 2.8 Update

D/L Method- D/L Method is also added in this update because without d/l method features rain interruption is not complete.

Hot-Spot for Edge and LBW- First time in cricket gaming history the Hot-Spot features is added by Nextwavemultimedia so in this features we get real hot-spot in game that is applied in Edge And LBW.

NEW Additional Commentary in English/Hindi- The commentary is the most important part in this game. So, that way the company also added new additional commentary in this 2.8 update.

Option to bowl FULL-TOSS delivery- This features is also good for us because we know full toss ball is good for hitting and make the game more interesting. So, in this update we get the feature.

3 NEW Bowling Actions- There are many different bowling action that has been already added in this game but we also get new 3 bowling action in this 2.8 update.

8 NEW in-game animations- Most important for the cricket game is animation wcc2 has already added 125+ new animation in this game but in this 2.8 update we get 8 new in game animation. That make's the game more interesting.

World Cricket Chapionship 2 2.8 Update
World Cricket Chapionship 2 2.8 Update

Updated Score card- In this 2.8 update we get new feature like update score card. This is not an big features but it is the important part of cricket game.

AFG & IRE - In Test match and Hot Events- We play daily hot event like Test matches but in previous version we can't play test matches with AFG & IRE but in this 2.8 update we get 2 new teams in test match live event.

Performance Optimization- And last but not the list performance optimization.

That's It's For Now If You Have Any Question Let Me Know In The Comment Box.

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